If you need a healer, this one is definitely the best I went. I came here with so much pain in my kidney, I was really scared because I did 2 colic renal and I could die. This guy helped me so much. I'm so grateful to found him on Google. You can find him easyly His name is 'Liong healing ' After a diagnostic, he asked me questions, he touch my hands, he watched my tong. He told me that my kidney had nothing. I was just too much worry. My fears were stucked in my kidney (anger in liever, sadness in Lung for exemple... He was right, I'm really worry the last weeks. After the diagnostic , I went on the table massage, he puted me some needles in my back . And I began to cry so much, I didn't know why. He sayed to me to cry as much I could. I think I never cried so much like this in my life and I didn't know why. After that he putted off the needles and he did some things on my back. I didn't have pain anymore. I could breath deeply again. I sayed him thanks so many time. I go back there on a Saturday, to continue the healing. Even the pain is gone, I feel I still need to see him to continue my work with him about my stress and fears. This guy is a real healer, he can just know what you need to let go or change in your life for heal. I hope my answer will help you to understand better why I choose him
Gwendoline Ougad
It is hard to find words that haven’t been said about what a gifted healer Master Liong is. Or to express my depth of gratitude towards Master Liong. To say that Master Liong is a gifted healer is true - but under-values the obvious years of hard work he has spent studying, practicing & perfecting the disciplines he applies. It also undervalues the very real effort he puts into his treatments - and the care & compassion he personally extends to his patients. I only went to see him for a minor ailment. although I had recently experienced a major loss & traumatic event that left me with routine nightmares, sleeplessness and the consequential fear, anger & anxiety. Without my saying a word about this, Master Liong detected these issues & treated me accordingly. Yes, his practice is a bit confusing at first - but the results he achieves are truly miraculous. After the first treatment, my nightmares stopped and I slept through the night for the first time in months. My fearfulness & anger almost completely evaporated. After a couple more treatments, the anxiety I didn’t even realise had been so debilitating, disappeared. I felt, and still feel a peacefulness & joyfulness I could not have anticipated. This is the mastery of his practice. He obviously also fixes specific ailments & injuries. These reviews testify to that. I also witnessed seemingly alpha male jocks tearfully embrace him with gratitude for relieving pain from even post-operative injuries they have had for years. In itself a joy to behold. I would recommend to anybody to see Master Liong. Never mind if you are in Ubud - if you have the opportunity, go to beautiful Ubud, go and see him. You are worth it. And he will make you feel so. Trust in his practice & process and your health and life will be greatly enhanced. My only reservation in writing this is as his reputation becomes more widespread - it will be increasingly difficult to be able get an appointment with him. Thank you Master Liong And please always find time to see me ❤️
Ruth Kershaw
I worked with 3 acupuncturists in my past in United States, one is a Chinese man and 2 Americans. But Master Liong is something special. He doesn’t talk much and your mind might be still wandering of what’s going on with your body and why things that way. Just trust his care and do what he says. He knows, he sees you through and address your issues on a very deep level. Stay open-minded and allow him to heal you. He is a very gentle and attentive person. I came to him with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto autoimmune disease plus some psychological issues that I’ve started to experience after stressful events in my life. He identified the problematic organ and worked on it and I feel the shift! I feel truly blessed to find him in the middle of hustle and bustle of Ubud. Very grateful to him and his healing art. I visited him 3 days in a row and wish to see him more. Invest in your health and get the fruit of happy life with Master Liong.
Milana Waldron
Consider yourself blessed to have found Master Liong. I travel the world and work with various kinds of healers and have been completely amazed by the depth of healing Master Liong is able to facilitate with such precision. Seemingly clearing pain and trauma from at least this lifetime, if not more. He is exceptional and I can’t wait to work with him again when I next visit Bali!
Liv Wheeler
Master Liong is an incredible healer. I woke up one night with a terrible pain on one side of my face and couldn't open my mouth properly. I went to see Liong and after the treatment the pain faded away! Since then he has become my go to healer and I've had sessions with great success for knee pain, sciatica, lymphatic system, digestive issues and will continue to work with Master Liong. He is so knowledgeable and everytime shares advice how to eat and look after my wellbeing! Master Liong is very caring and I feel very safe with him. He always greets with a big smile. Highly recommended!
Nina Ryytty
Long story short, my husband and I traveled to Bali for our Hindu ceremony. The days leading up to the ceremony I was plagued by a migrate I just could not shake. We saw the resort medical staff and I was taking tons on medicine, I stayed inside up until the morning of the wedding. The pain had become so unbearable I was willing to try anything. The morning of my wedding my husband took me to see Master Liong. I don’t know how to explain how I felt after. He completely freed me of my migraine that lasted for 4 days. I was so energized after I was able to go swimming in full sunlight. I am so grateful for Master Liong. He truly saved my wedding. I will be back to see him. If you’re in the Ubud area, please go and see him. You will walk away amazed.
Amanda Robinson
Master Liong is AWESOME !!!!! I hurt my lower back cliff jumping the beautiful Bali Waterfalls and was desperate could not even sleep from pain. I was very hesitant and nervous to do acupunture therapy BUT.... I contacted Master Liong and he agreed to come in early especially to see me. He worked wonders I felt so comfortable the while time and he knew exactly what to do! A hour later I felt NO MORE PAIN!!!!!! It was like a miracle !!! I got up and almost cried with relief, now I was able to enjoy the rest of my holiday PAIN FREE!!!! Master Liong I could never repay you with enough gratitute, but I can easily suggest his services to ANYONE who has ANY problem!!!
Nika Congdon
Master Liong, my sessions with you have changed my world. Thank you for your healing, expertise and your compassion. You created a space for me to release everything that was no longer serving me - mentally & physically. This was so much more than your average Acupuncture session!
Taiann Eiland
Amazing fertility Acupuncture and I'm pregnant after only one session. Liong is an incredible master of the trade. Thank you so much I will be back to get more issues treated and bring my mother. Incredible!!! My husband and I tried for 6 years and no luck until now.
Chenelle Dennis
Incredible place. Very lucky we found him. Highly recommend. Very accommodating, efficient, and right on the point healing. Each 45 minute session is intense, deep and serious. Depending on a complaint, its a great combination of personal approach acupuncture, massage, release. I would recommend to take his advise and do few sessions maybe with some days apart. The office is beautiful, clean and close to the center of Ubud. I had two sessions with Master Liong, one for painful menstrual period and another for painful cramped back. During the session I felt some discomfort and energy release but after I was filled with joy and happiness, the back and neck felt like never before, light, spacious, without heaviness. The range of motion I have now is unbelievable. And I do daily yoga, not to say. Great, amazing place. Thank you Master for your healing. Many Blessing to your office and your family for many years to come so others can benefit from your magical healing. With Love Larissa B from Russia.
Larissa Browning
Master Liong is a true healer. I attended one day after experiencing a strange numbness and deep ache in my legs for 3 days, which was so bad that it was keeping me awake at night. After one session where he worked on my lower back with Master Liong it went completely away and I slept deeply - I was about to get on a plane and go home to get it sorted out. He suggested there were some other areas of my body -(physically and emotionally )which needed attention, and having the time available, I decided to investigate further treatment. After 3 treatments, I feel amazing- balanced, calm, sleeping extremely well and happy. Master Liong is not for the feint-hearted nor sceptics...you need to want to get well and trust his methodologies and in return you will receive his full attention and intuitive skillful care. He is kind , gentle, knowledgeable yet he is extremely strong with his massage and adjustments. I will be bringing my husband back here when I return in 3 weeks to experience this world class healer. I am strangely grateful that my legs ached 4 days ago because it brought me to Master Liong
Susan Rusalen
A stumbled upon master Liong from google and his amazing reviews. 10/10! Truly gives a holistic experience, when I arrived unannounced he was welcoming and had time for me, Master Liong was direct asking about what I am experiencing problems with and examined my tounge. I got results in my whole life, feeling more spiritually in tune, having a lot more energy! Master gave me advice of things I can do to help my problem such as excercises and changes in diet and was very keen to help fix my problems. 5 sessions later I’m feeling as good as ever so much so I took my mum to receive treatment also. Seriously helped with digestive issues and PCOS and pain associated with swollen ovaries and ongoing bleeding that I have had for 8 months due to imbalance in hormone. Bleeding has now stopped and still feeling very good.
Kate Elphinstone
My wife took me to Liong’s Acupuncture practice in Denpasar, Bali. I told him I needed some relief from my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). My stomach is constantly painful and feels blown up. Sometimes there is some spastic movement of the intestines. It is probably caused by a combination of heritable causes and stress.
After patiently listening to my story and asking me some questions, Master. Liong placed some needles at various places of my body. He gave a massage, some dietary advice, advice on excercises and some Jammu traditional Chinese medicines. The pain and blown up feeling in my stomach quickly disappeared and did not come back for 5 days. I again used his services for sleeplessness caused by jetlag and because my wife snores so loudly. Master. Liong again interviewed me and applied needles and massage. The same night I had sleep for more than 11 hours. I can definitely recommend anyone to give Master Liong a try for problems that MDs do not set right.
Robbert Zijlstra
Benar membantu Expert Master Liong. Tangan kanan lepas, sekarang sudah sembuh dengan 15menit.
Dicky Yang (Tu Chen Hao)
I wanted a special treatment before leaving Bali, something to aid both physically ans mentally. I am so happy I found Liong Healing Acupuncture. Mater Liong is certainly a master in his trade. Full of knowledge of the human anatomy and mentality, Liong spent time discussing areas in need of treatment before beginning the session..I came to him with a number of concerns - particularly my knee which I hurt that week coming down Mount Batur. Walk was very difficult and painful. I also wanted treatment for my ongoing anxiety. After the session, I could walk with no pain on my knee. More importantly, I felt a weight of negative energy leave my body and left his studio feeling lighter, happier and healthier. I could not recommend Liong Healing Acupuncture enough, and I cannot wait to return.
Rachel Carey
I visited Master Liong with some emotional problems and chronic lower back pain. I felt after the session very good and so relaxed. My back was much better and also my emotional sensitivity improve. I high recommend this place and will always come back. Thank you Master Liong for your amazing and healing energy.
Sylwia von Walls
You rarely find the talent and skills of Master Liong in one practitioner. And very kind and good-hearted person as well. I’ve done digestive, lymphatic, back, and neck treatments, and I will go again to restore balance in all of my systems. Definitely recommend.
Anca Neciu
Master Liong is a true healer, a master of his craft. His treatments go way beyond just acupuncture with electrostimulation, manual adjustment, and stretching. I went in for a right shoulder injury and felt better within 24 hours. Highly recommended I’ll be going back to Master Liong for the other shoulder and some neck issues soon. Thank you for your work!!
Daniel Cordaro
I can’t say enough good things about Liong healing! I came for a pulled muscle in my leg and literally in one session he alleviated my pain. I was so impressed that I came twice more to treat a few other issues. I have a chronic lower back issue and have a lot of anxiety. He was able to treat me so quickly and hi bedside manner is also something I commend. He made me feel super comfortable and we were actually laughing during he treatments which usually stress me as I don’t like needles. I am def going to be returning every time I come to Bali. My only complaint is that I can’t bring him back home to treat my anxiety more often. Lol. He’s the BEST!
Diane Lucille
I have had problems with my left foot for on and off 3 years, the last one being the most challenging. I tried many different therapies, sought various opinions, but nothing really worked on the long term. Until I found Liong by chance on my recent trip to Bali. I injured my foot again at the beginning of the trip in Nusa Dua and was desperate for help so went to see Liong. After a session of acupuncture and Tuina massage, most of the pain has disappeared and the range of motion is now pretty much equal to that of my healthy foot. I wish i had enough time to go a second time, but this was already the best I have felt in years. Plus he checks up on you after the therapy so it goes to show how dedicated he is to his work and his patients 🙂 I will definitely go back to Bali and visit him again, this has truly changed my foot's well-being.
Denise Dedich
The last day of my holiday in Ubud, I searched for an Acupuncturist for healing that the daily massages I received wasn't quite getting to. I found Master Healer Liong via a Google Search. We talked about the areas of focus for the healing session. I am an Acupuncturist in America working on my DAOM degree, Bodyworker, and Kundalini Teacher. I have been on a deep healing journey for the past two years--during this time I have tried healing modalities from all over the world. During the session with Master Liong a massive negative energy was lifted from me that I had been working on for two years. Post session there was great release with tears, visions, and a great sense of peace. I will always appreciate this profound healing and suggest any traveler to Ubud to take the time to visit Master Liong as much as possible during your holiday. Many blessings and Good Luck
Honu Lynn Arines Walters
II saw Master Liong for a new neck & old back problems. Sadly I was leaving the following day so could only have one treatment with him & could have done with at least another one to be completely fixed but he was delightful, very professional & knowledgable. I definitely got some relief from my problems immediately & he sent me away with a salt pack & treatment oil to continue with. I felt very confident with all his techniques & felt better after his treatment than I have with many therapists at home. I will definitely see him again next time I'm in Ubud for a body alignment tune up. Am really glad I found him. He's the real deal.
Kelly Norton
My Sister and I visited Master Liong Healing together. She had been smoking for 40 years and I had chronic lower back pain. We both had a couple of follow up appointments in quick succession but both of us are smoke and pain free. Love this place and can't recommended enough.
Sandra Younan
Very good experience with Master Liong !!! He understands the root cause and work on it ... in one or two session u can see the difference of body transformation... Thank you 😊 🙏🏻 for treating me and many of us who is in need for natural treatment
Sujatha Chavan
I went to see Master Liong about an issue with my jaw. I was desperate and was at the point where I thought I might need surgery. Master Liong was patient and very helpful. After a few sessions my issue was very much improved. Happy to have him in Ubud!
Jacob W
I have been experiencing pinched nerved been to a few places try to heal the problem to no avail. Master Liong in a short notice has been able to identify the problem and by visiting him on the third time my pain disappeared. Master Liong has been remarkable and I'm so lucky to come across his practice. highly recommended.
Sutikno Syarif
Was very satisfying at the first session of therapy, my back pain, stomach ache and fatigue was gone! Now i feel more energize in doing my daily activities, feel more refresh. Thank you sinshe Liong for your patience, excercises and your advise was very helpful. I am highly recommended for anyone and any of my collegues to get the solution for any kind of illness that they might feel.
Rita Wati Dewi
Master Liong at Liong Healing has improved my quality of life. Came here with H&P on lower back (L4-5), severe back pain, and could not walk more than 5 minutes at a time. After the first treatment, 75% of back pain gone. The MRI scanning shows improvement and I am now living a normal active life. So grateful that I came across this place. Thank you, Master Liong
Master Liong is a great.He really helped me and was spot on with problems I've been having with my health for a long time now.His fares a right and he is really professional.(I have multiple years of acupuncture e experience)And he can be funny to.Just go and try for yourself.
Niels Thonnard
Liong helped my husband with some severe pain he was having in his shoulder (rotatorcuff). He was very thorough in helping my husband, and now my husband is feeling much better. Liong is highly competent, professional and kind. I highly recommend him!
Christine Foster
Slimming saya berhasil disini. Keluhan yang lain juga teratasi, badan jadi lebih bertenaga dan fit, terasa ringan.
Sri Yuni
saya punya keluhan susah tidur, ada benjolan dileher dan bintik bintik gatal di tangan, setelah menjalani terapi di Liong Healing ada perkembangan yang nyata, tidur sudah bisa lebih awal benjolan di leher mulai mengecil dan bintik bintik di tangan perlahan mulai menghilang, Terimakasih Sinshe Liong
Saya punya keluhan badan lemes mual tidak napsu makan,pusing berat badan menurun.sudah berobat di tempat lain 8x sampe cek darah kondisi tidak ada perubahan.setelah terapi di HEALING LIONG 3x badan saya sudah pulih.untuk teman” yg mempunyai masalah kesehatan saya Rekomendasikan berobat di LIONG HEALING ACUPUNCTURE.
Lily Anggraini
Perjalanan kami ke Bali dalam kondisi kurang fit dengan sakit pinggang karena syaraf terjepit (kecetit) membuat badan tidak bisa bergerak, bernafas dan menahan nafas juga sakit, untungnya setelah googling menemukan web Liong Healing Acupunture, begitu di telpon meski di atas jam 5 dan biasanya tutup, ternyata masih mau menerima pasien. Dengan kombinasi akupunture, pijat dan herbal akhirnya sakit pinggang jauh berkurang, dan untuk menjaga tidak berulang sakitnya kami datang sampai 3x. Dan sampai dirumah sudah bisa beraktifitas seperti semula. Terimakasih semua pengobatannya dan nasihatnya untuk hidup sehat, dengan menjaga pola makan yang benar.
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