Tongue Diagnosis is one of the most important examination methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The organs and “Qi” – “Xue” in the body correspond to the tongue, these connections are through the meridians and blood vessels. 

Trauma Healing

Trauma healing is a widely needed therapy. Bitter and traumatic experiences in the past can leave traumatic scars in the unconscious. All the sums of experiences, can create the conditions and characters of your health…

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain is one of the most common problems my patients have. The pain ranges from minor to major, even to the point of being difficult to move (HNP). The most common disorder in the vertebrae is L1 ÷ L5 – S1. 

Low Energy

Low Energy, A situation in which someone feels exhausted, lacks of energy, sometimes it is accompanied by lack of / absence of enthusiasm. Often it is marked by cold feet / hands (not enough energy flow to get to the end of the foot / hand).


Sleep disorder is more complicated than it appears to first glance. For some sensitive people, sleep disorder can huge problem, although some people might be dismissive it. There are many other factors aside sensitive/dismissive personality,

Quit Smoking

The negative effects of smoking are not only from the nicotine there is a shot, but the most dangerous thing is essence. Tobacco raw materials for cigarettes come from different plantations. Very not maybe every cigarette production from pure…

Menstrual Problem

Menstrual Problems is included in the uterus-related disease. “ZangFu” organs that are closely related to uterus abnormalities are kidney, spleen and liver. Meridians that are closely related to uterus abnormalities are Meridian “Ren” 

Lost Weight

We prepared this package to help you have fought hard in all ways, but not yet succeed. Big question for some people who are overweight weight, even though they eat a little. The answer is the weakness of one or more digestive…

Healthy Living Pattern

Both physically such as consuming food and drink, exercising and sleeping, and mentally for instance having a clear mind and doing regular recreation, and how we balance our time.

The Importance of Breakfast

For example when the gasoline tank of our car or motorcycle is empty and at the time we go to gasoline station to tank up.  It is the same with our stomach.

15 Minutes to Improve The Quality of Your Life

This compacted movements will simplify your daily exercise. You can do it at home, in your bedroom, living room…

Hot Salt Therapy

This involves regular sea salt in its coarse crystal form. Heat the salt for 5 minutes (without water) using a stove or microwave at low heat, then wrap it with a washcloth or towel. Avoid contact between 

Healing Process

Healing process is the span of time needed to change the body’s condition from sick to healthy. Most people prefer instant stuff, especially instant healing. It’s a normal thing as human, nobody like a prolonged…

Diamond Pillow

To put on the nape (supine sleeping position) with various positions (can be turned back) find the most comfortable position. For first use try 5-15 minutes. After several days can be until morning.


Vertigo is a condition in which the patient feels dizzy, the surroundings seem to rotate, loss of balance, feeling of drifting or blackout, to the point where he/she cannot stand straight.

Swing Yoga

Swing Yoga, also called Anti-gravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga is a type of yoga that combines traditional yoga, with the use of a yoga hammock. It is very effective in relieving stress, depression, insomnia, low blood pressure, and problems with blood circulation and low energy.

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