Healing Process

Healing process is the span of time needed to change the body’s condition from sick to healthy. Most people prefer instant stuff, especially instant healing. It’s a normal thing as human, nobody like a prolonged suffering.

What we need to realize is that sickness never come instantly (except in accidents). Sickness (especially related to internal organs) came slowly through improper living pattern, thought, food, posture and environment. It will takes an accurate diagnosis to find the root cause of the sickness. After the root cause was found, then a therapy and a life style correction to slowly improve body’s condition can be taken. This life style change cannot be done abruptly, it will take step by step process to ensure which pattern was wrong.  Sometimes during healing process, there will be a lot of pain, caused by the body trying to expel the sickness. All these are a part of the healing process.

All this healing process takes time, although there are cases where healing felt instantly. Many people asked, “How many times do I need to come to heal my sickness?” (For example, how many session do I need to get my menstruation restarted, or how many session to heal my sciatica). This is a common question, but very hard to answer. Human body has enormous complex variables. We can’t think of it like a non-living thing, like a car for example. We can say that after 2 hours tune up, your car will be in superb condition. But a human body? We can’t say how many sessions needed to restart her menstruation. What we as healer can do is giving the best for the patient. The patient will need to

1.      Empty their glass ( be open minded)

2.      Maintain positive thinking

3.      Work together with the healer

4.      Implement the lifestyle changes suggested by the healer

The rest is up to universe’s secret. It is possible that someone who cannot get pregnant for 6 years, get one session (because of limited time in Bali), then a few months later get pregnant. But this is a rare and unpredictable case. Some people who are sensitive can feel some improvement in their body after each session. But again, all healing process will take time.

This is especially for those who have prolonged problems with stress, depression or trauma: After a therapy session, you might experience uncomfortable conditions such as sadness, crying, nightmares, fever or pain in certain areas of your body. This is normal, because there is a collection of negative memories stored in your unconsciousness and those can affect 80% of your brain. Often leading to a certain behaviour or physical problems. Session after session we will work together to release the trauma from your body. This will happen gradually and can take some time. It is important to trust the process and continue until the healing process is completed.

The role of patient (empty their glass, maintain positive thinking, work together and trust) very important for the success of healing process

By Master Liong

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