Sleep disorder is more complicated than it appears to first glance. For some sensitive people, sleep disorder can huge problem, although some people might be dismissive it. There are many other factors aside sensitive/dismissive personality, including :

  • Anxiety, concern, life problem, etc.
  • A point of view or manner of thinking that is in of reality
  • Unbalanced: Yin that the body is not harmonious “Jiao” over the heat of “Jiao” under the cold
  • Poor diet, including wrong types of food and eating
  • Prolonged consumption of improper vitamins/supply
  • Which will harm the body’s “Yin” “Yinxu”
  • Promiscuous sexual lifestyle also harms the body’s Jing
  • Natural aging which is accompanied with reduced full of organs.

Forcing ourselves to fall asleep will only lead to sleep disorder. If you can’t fall asleep after half and leave your bed.

the Do’s when you can’t fall asleep:

  • Read light reading materials such as Bible, etc.
  • Walk in open space while regulating your breathing
  • Light stretching for 5-10 minutes (See article 15 minutes to improve the quality of your life)
  • Soak your feet in lukewarm water
  • Meditate
  • Or other relaxing activities

If the sleep disorder is caused by life stressors such as work, economic pressure, family, etc., those root issues must be resolved beforehand.

Acupuncture therapy stimulates meridian points of the heart (Shen/soul), regulates the flow of energy, blood and oxygen in the head (Du meridian) and on the back (Bladder Meridian) Tuina (Chinese massage) can relax the knots on back muscles and nerves in the head

By Master Liong

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