Quit Smoking

The negative effects of smoking are not only from the nicotine there is a shot, but the most dangerous thing is essence.

  1. Every cigarette brand has its own taste. This taste comes from essence.

  2. Tobacco raw materials for cigarettes come from different plantations. Very not maybe every cigarette production from pure tobacco with the same taste. There is little difference I think it must have been a problem for loyal smokers. For standardize the taste used by Essence.

This essence is substance chemicals that are harmful to health. All smokers actively know the negative effects of smoking. Most of the really want to quit smoking. Some are successful, however many failed. For those who have not managed to stop smoking and wanting to stop should be helped with therapy.

Therapy Acupuncture is very possible for this problem. By stimulating the dots there is the head (“Du” Meridian) launches blood flow and oxygen to the brain, so the head feels light and comfortable. The dotted point (Lung, Heart, Liver, Kidneys). Point of the hand (Lung, Large Intestine, Heart Meridians). The dot in the back of the neck (Gall Bladder Meridian). Combined with massage on the head, neck and back.

This therapy is very helpful and open great opportunity to stop smoking. (See testimonials video)

By Master Liong