Swing Yoga

Swing Yoga, also called Anti-gravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga is a type of yoga that combines traditional yoga, with the use of a yoga hammock.

It is very effective in relieving stress, depression, insomnia, low blood pressure, and problems with blood circulation and low energy.

The use of a hammock in exercising helps to improve the structure of the spine and facilitate the healing process of low back pain under certain conditions. It can also strengthen the function of all organs of the body.

In addition, Swing Yoga is also effective for weight loss, diabetes, constipation, premature ejaculation, menstrual problems (and other reproductive problems), incontinence, and neutralizes the effect of screens on the eyes (computers, cellphones).

Doing an inversion pose with a yoga hammock places the spine in a stretched position which reduces pressure on the spinal discs, muscles, and nerves leading to the body’s organs. This pose is especially helpful for those with back problems or pinched nerves under certain conditions. For those who are stressed and have trouble sleeping, this inversion position has an instant effect as it increases blood and oxygen supply to the brain. Additionally, it will also help to improve strength and flexibility.

This exercise is not for people with high blood pressure, very low blood pressure, previous strokes, heart disorders, osteoporosis, and epilepsy.

Overall, Swing Yoga is also beneficial for balancing and improving our emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

At our clinic, swing yoga exercises are often offered to some patients as part of their treatment and recovery.

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