The Importance of Breakfast

Why should we have breakfast ?

For example when the gasoline tank of our car or motorcycle is empty and at the time we go to gasoline station to tank up. Without waiting any longer. It is the same with our stomach. After having sleep for hours and getting up in the morning. Of course our stomach is empty and should have breakfast soon. If you practice early morning activities like meditation or yoga, you must have a “pre-breakfast”, like a small portion of carbohydrate, about 30 minutes to 1 hour before starting those activities.  

What happen if we don’t have our breakfast ?

Many people in their daily activity don’t care about their breakfast. And some of them want to get slim so they don’t want to have their breakfast. This cause the unbalanced of digestion metabolism : high blood pressure, glucose level, uric acid, and cholesterol in blood. In longer term, skipping breakfast could also kill some of brain’s neural nerves.

Bell's Palsy is one of ill annoyance caused by empty stomach, weak body condition, and the neck is attacked by wind.
Master Liong