The Importance of Breakfast

Why should we have breakfast ?

If the tank of our car or motorcycle is empty and we don’t fill it up at the gas station that causes damage to the engine. It is the same with our stomach. After having sleept for hours our stomach is empty and should have breakfast soon. If you practice early morning activities like meditation or yoga, you need to have a “pre-breakfast” about 30 minutes to 1 hour before starting those activities. It can be just a small portion of food, preferably one that contains carbohydrates. Don’t think about if you are hungry or not, it is better if you eat something to get your engine started.

What happen if we don’t have our breakfast ?

Many people don’t care about their breakfast. Some believe they get skinny when skipping their breakfast. This causes an unbalanced digestion metabolism: high blood pressure, glucose level, uric acid, and cholesterol in blood. Long-term, skipping your breakfast could damage some of yout brain’s neural nerves.

Bell’s Palsy is one of ill annoyance caused by empty stomach, weak body condition, and the neck is attacked by wind.

What is a good breakfast ?

Carbohydrates and protein

  • rice
  • boiled potatoes
  • boiled egg
  • boiled barley
  • oatmeal
  • dates
  • soup with fish, free-range chicken or beef

If you stay in a place with four seasons you should mix your breakfast with fruits and vegetables. 

By Master Liong