Lose Weight

We prepared this package to help you have fought hard in all ways, but not yet succeed. Big question for some people who are overweight, even though they eat a little. The answer is the weakness of one or more digestive organs 1. TCM explains that the liver functions as a promoter digestion works in conjunction with the Spleen and Stomach. Another cause of Overweight is excessive consume fatty and sweet foods 2. Which lastly because of taking certain medications long (for example family planning medicine) 3.

Excessive consumption fatty and sweet foods are symptoms the most . This is because: A. Hot moist syndrome. Eat lots of fast hungry B. Stagnation syndrome Liver Qi. Depressed emotions. Easy to get angry C. “XU” Moist phlegm Syndrome. Formless feces and runny D. “The Xu” Syndrome of the kidney spleen. Sluggish spirit, no powerful.

Through careful diagnosis, the roots can be known disease problem. Followed with action appropriate therapy. To escort Lose Weight Therapy is required to follow a healthy lifestyle. (See article Healthy Living Pattern)

Summary by Master Liong

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