Low Energy A situation in which someone feels exhausted, lacks of energy, sometimes it is accompanied by lack of / absence of enthusiasm. Often it is marked by cold feet / hands (not enough energy flow to get to the end of the foot / hand). Low energy can occur in people who are either thin or fat.

Low Energy Triggers : * “Yin Yang” of the body is not harmonious, “up Jiao” is very hot, while “down Jiao” is cold. As a result, * “Qi Xue Xu” Energy and blood are deficient. It causes * one or more “Xu” organs becomes weaker.

Similar to resolving other health problems, besides conducting the therapy people must also change their lifestyles (mindset, eating, sleeping, work, rest, exercise). See the Healthy Living Pattern article. If especially psychiatric problems (heartbreak, burden of life etc.) emerges, they must also be resolved. By performing a careful diagnosis first, the appropriate therapy actions are expected to resolve any suffering due to Lack of Energy.

By Master Liong