Vertigo is a condition where patient suffer from dizziness, head spinning, lost of balance, sudden drifting and darkness, difficulties to stand.

Types of Vertigo:

  1.  The “Yang” syndrome of the liver flares upward: dizziness, head spinning, ringing in the ears, head feels enlarged painfully, restless, angry, red face, difficulty sleeping, a lot of dreams.
  2.  Syndrome “Qi” (Energy) “Xue” (Blood) “Xu” (Weakness): dizziness, head spinning, pale face, palpitations, lack of enthusiasm, unwilling to speak, reduced appetite, difficulty sleeping.
  3.  Syndrome “Xu” (Lack of) kidney organs: dizziness, head spinning, forgetfulness, weakness of waist and knees, dripping ejaculation, ear ringing, restlessness.
  4.  Moist mucus inhibit “Zong” (middle) “jiao” : dizziness, head spinning, head feels heavy like entangled, stuffy chest and nausea, lacking appetite, lots of sleep.

All of these were caused by a wrong lifestyle such as: irregular eating (stomach spleen) lack of sleep, too much sleep, eating too much fried food, thinking too much (brain) lacking rest, not exercising.

Recovery: Return to a healthy living pattern See: Healthy Living Pattern.

Therapy: harmonize the body’s imbalances related to the organs of the liver, spleen, stomach, kidneys.

By Master Liong

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