Menstrual Problems

Menstrual Problems is included in the uterus-related disease. “ZangFu” organs that are closely related to uterus abnormalities are kidney, spleen and liver. Meridians that are closely related to uterus abnormalities are Meridian “Ren” and Meridian “Chong”. Basically, treating uterus disease is regulating the “Qi Xue” (Energy and Blood), harmonizing the Spleen and Stomach, taking care of the Liver and Kidney, strengthening the Meridian “Ren” and “Chong”.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) there is no term for Hormone. However, in reality, every hormonal problems is related to the Kidney, Liver and Spleen organs.

Generally Menstrual Problems are known as:

1. Pain in the abdomen and waist during, before or after menstruation.

  • “Qi” (Energy) stagnation syndrome, “Xue” (Blood) clot
  • Cold blocks Meridian syndrome
  • “Qi” (Energy) “Xue” (Blood) deficiency syndrome
  • Kidney “Qi” (Energy) deficiency syndrome
  • Piling of damp-heat syndrome
  • Bleeding: continuously or repeatedly uterine bleeding
  • “Xu” (weak) Spleen syndrome
  • “Xu” (weak) Kidney Syndrome
  • “Xue Re” (Hot Blood) Syndrome
  • “Xue Yu” (Blood Dripping) Syndrome
  • Tight breast and pain, because of unstable emotions and the function of Liver and Kidney is weak:
  • “Qi” (Energy) stagnation syndrome
  • “Xu” (weak) Liver Kidney Syndrome
  • Stopped: Patients who have stopped having menstruation for more than 3 cycles.
  • “Qi” (Energy) “Xue” (Blood) deficiency syndrome
  • “Qi” (Energy) weak Kidney syndrome
  • “Xu” (Weak) Kidney Liver syndrome
  • “Yin Xue Xe” (Yin deficiency blood) syndrome
  • “Qi” (Energy) stagnation and “Xue” (Blood) clot syndrome
  • Damp phlegm clog syndrome
  • Irregular menstruation, including abnormalities of cycle, volume, color and the nature/shape of menstruation.
  • “Xu” (weak) syndrome:
  • “Qi Xu” (weak energy) syndrome
  • “Xue Xu” (weak blood) syndrome
  • “Xu” (weak) Kidney Liver syndrome
  • “Shi” (excess) syndrome:
  • “Qi” (Energy) stagnation syndrome
  • “Xue” (blood) clot syndrome
  • Heat syndrome
  • Cold syndrome

From those five above, a diagnosis is then made to find the syndrome of the troubled organs, blood and energy. The blocks are released, the weak is reinforced, the less is added, the unbalance is harmonized.

Do the following to prevent and improve the condition:

The most common cases of Menstrual problems are:

* Pain/cramps appear in the fertile period and during menstruation.

* Due to the influence of pills that caused (hormonal imbalances that makes) menstruation stops.

Summary by Master Liong

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