The important of breakfast

Why should we have breakfast ? For example when the gasoline tank of our car or motorcycle is empty and at the time we go to gasoline station to tank up. Without waiting any longer.
It is the same with our stomach. After having sleep for hours and getting up in the morning. Of course our stomach is empty and should have breakfast soon.
What happen if we don’t have our breakfast ? Many people in their daily activity don’t care about their breakfast. And some of them want to get slim so they don’t want to have their breakfast. This cause the unbalanced of digestion metabolism : pressure, glucose level, uric acid, and cholesterol in blood.
Bell’s Palsy is one of ill annoyance caused by empty stomach, weak body condition, and the neck is attacked by wind.

By Master Liong.
Liong Healing Acupuncture Bali


Diamond Pillow

This wooden cushion is made of special wood that has healing energy. To put on the nape (supine sleeping position) with various positions (can be turned back) find the most comfortable position. For first use try 5-15 minutes. After several days can be until morning. This wooden pillow is very helpful for complaints: headaches, migraines, vertigo, sleeplessness, stress, bloating, hypertension, stroke, rear cord throat, neck bone disorder. Can be placed on the waist to relax and eliminate back pain for too long standing, many roads, fatigue, fat burning waist and others.


15 minutes to improve the quality of your life

For those who :

  1. Want to be healthy
  2. Feel super busy
  3. Lack of vitality
  4. Don’t like to work out
  5. Have diabetes, hypertension, uric acid, high cholesterol, bloating, headache, exhaustion /sluggishness, low back pain, prostate, insomnia, stress, menstrual disorders, etc.
  6. Don’t have leisure time

This compacted movements will simplify your daily exercise. You can do it at home, in your bedroom, living room, or wheresoever. It doesn’t take hours like when you’re going to gym, swimming pool, or football field. Any obstacles like traffic jam or rain doesn’t come as an excuse anymore.

I. Backbone Spin

  1. Stand up in shoulder-width legs
  2. Spin your body to the left and let your face looking back. Put your right hand to the side of your neck and left shoulder. Put the back of your left hand on the right side of your waist.
  3. Do the same movement as step 2 but in the other way around.

This simple movement comes with a huge benefit. This movement actively stimulates thousands nerves along the backbone as well as relatively moves 30 segments of the backbone. This gives some effects as relaxing the muscles sustaining the backbone and maintains the function of discs between the bones so they work well. The other essential purpose is that all of the organs in thoracic cavity and abdomen are stimulated including lymph gland that mostly lies in the underarm and groin.

II. Rocking chair

It’s one of the formidable yoga movements since it massages backbone with its thousands nerves as well as stimulates Governing Vessel meridian (Du) with some indications such as; back pain, convulsion (as in children), scoliosis, legs and hands cramp, dumb convulsion, mental illness, epilepsy, headache, pain swelling red eyes, toothache, numb (hands and legs), tetanus, night sweats, etc. Besides GV meridian (Du), there’s also Bladder meridian which is the richest among all of the meridians in human’s body since it has acupuncture spots of all Chang Fu organs: lungs, heart membrane, heart, liver, bile, spleen, stomach, san jiao, kidney, large and small intestine, bladder, with indications: can’t urinate, bedwetting, cold, malaria, convulsion, pain, bloating in lower stomach, eyesore, watery eyes, headache, neck pain, backache, waist pain, lower leg pain, etc.

  1. Sit on a yoga mattress and bend the knees upward with both hands hugging the knees.
  2. Move the body weight from tailbone to waist, back, shoulder, back head as if it’s a rocking chair rolling while take your
  3. While releasing breath, go back to sitting position.

Do it over and over again like rocking chair.

The challenge/ detail of this movement is when the back touch the mattress, lift your waist up until the shoulder and back head touch the mattress. Then all the burdens on your shoulder and neck released eventually.

III. Squat walking

Squat with your both hands behind the neck and straight sight. Take one step and another slowly while taking and releasing your breath in each step.

This exercise maintaining your knees, ankle, thigh muscle, reproduction system, all organs in the abdomen and chest, backbone and balance, especially lymph gland in the groin.

Do these three movements every day for only 15 minutes and feel the merit!

Summarized by Master Liong
Liong Healing Acupuncture Bali


Healthy Living Pattern

Healthy living pattern is about how we keep the habit of balancing our lives both physically such as consuming food and drink, exercising and sleeping, and mentally for instance having a clear mind and doing regular recreation, and how we balance our time.

A lot of people are suffering from illness, but they do not know where it comes from. Countless people throw a blame on heredity factor.

Having a breakfast is a very good habit. Skipping meals or having irregular eating pattern can weaken how digestive system works. It could result metabolism digestive disorder which is related to blood such as hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, uric acid etc.

The best drink is warm water. It can increase the performance of all organs (Yang energy). How much water you drink is actually adjusted with your weight e.g.: 30-50 ml / Kg. it is also adjusted with how much sweat you produce. Avoid cold drink if you are not feeling well.

The best time to sleep is before 10 in order to let liver rectify red blood cell maximally.

Controlling our mind and thought is essential because digestive organs disorder (Liver, Spleen, Stomach) is rooted to continuous emotional tension. The condition of stress will affect to other organs.

Regular exercising with suitable portion for our body is essential. Resting our body as well can lessen the tension both physically and mentally.

There are a few things we should be aware of

  • Fries
  • Sweet and salty food
  • Bread
  • Sausage
  • Meatballs
  • Nugget
  • Instant noodle
  • Cracker
  • Diary Product

Consuming supplement/vitamin without supervision (Kind, dosage, length time usage) is mistaken. We need to into the habit of going back to nature. Do not let the medicine become food, but let the food become the medicine. Food we should avoid

  • Shrimp paste
  • Dried or salty fish
  • Shellfish
  • Tin food
  • Soft drink

If there is no necessary needs, eat the fruit (do not juice it). Have some fruit before eating. There is ancient proverb said “Tidak Sakit Masih Jauh Dari Sehat” it means if you are not sick, it is still far away from healthy. Human organs are like a machine in a jet plane or vehicle. We have to take a good care of them. In addition, to those who are above 40. It is better to take care of them once a month (therapy)

Arranged by : Master Liong
Liong Healing Acupuncture Bali